¡Aquí Estamos y Contamos!

With Census 2020 right around the corner, this week the Chelsea Collaborative and our partners in Chelsea, Everett, and Revere are ramping up community outreach and education efforts to spread the word that we are here, and we want to be counted and represented! Census 2020 is an opportunity for empowerment, and the final counts will determine our political representation and the resources our communities receive for the next decade. Our Latinx immigrant communities have historically been undercounted - resulting in fewer resources for public services that we rely on - such as our schools, police departments, and hospitals.

This is our opportunity to be counted fully and to receive the benefits our communities deserve. With support from the Chelsea Collaborative, La Comunidad in Everett, Women Encouraging Empowerment and Youth in Action - both in Revere, and Amplify Latinx, we will ensure that our communities can participate in the Census safely, with bilingual information, troubleshooting, and technical assistance available every step of the way.

Today's Special Immigration Edition of El Planeta is sponsored by the Chelsea Collaborative, with in-depth features on Census 2020 - what "could be the most empowering event of the year." Our media partners included everything - from what questions you can expect to see on the Census to common myths and realities, and frequently asked questions about how to be counted safely.

On Sunday, March 8, the Collaborative and partners will also mobilize hundreds of staff and volunteers for a major tri-city community outreach initiative across Chelsea, Everett, and Revere. We'll be knocking on doors in every corner of our cities, and providing bilingual information on the Census and other community resources available to immigrants.

This work is supported by the City of Chelsea, the Complete Count Grant Program of the Massachusetts Census Division, the Massachusetts Census Equity Fund, the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON), MassVOTE, Access Strategies Fund, and El Planeta.

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Photography by Lena Mirisola