CHELSEA VOTER INITIATIVE (CVI) The Chelsea Voter Initiative works to engage and educate all members of the community about the importance of voting and participating in political processes.

CVI was established to reverse an apathetic voting populous and to demonstrate the power of a vote. Since CVI's inception, we have registered hundreds of new voters, increased voter turnout and increased the leadership of the Collaborative's members through their participation on various City boards and commissions.

CVI has accomplished the following:

  • Registered hundreds of new voters, just 241 last year alone, and mobilized hundreds more in non-partisan efforts to increase civic participation and election participation.

  • Organize regular candidates' forums for state and municipal elections so members of the community may raise concerns and seek answers to questions about matters important to them.

  • Prevented the Massachusetts Redistricting Committee from slicing the most ethically diverse voting block in Chelsea and giving it to East Boston, thereby reducing Chelsea's voting power. CVI brought this issue to the city's streets and within 7 days the decision was reversed!

"I became a U.S. citizen and was very excited to vote, but because I did not speak English well I never registered or voted. When the staff of the Chelsea Voter Initiative knocked on my door to ask me if I wanted to register to vote, I gladly said yes. The Voter Initiative registered me to vote and taught me where I vote and told me when the election days were. They even drove me to the polls! As a senior citizen, it is hard to get around. With their help, I was able to become an active and voting member of the Chelsea community."



(617) 889-6080

318 Broadway, Chelsea, MA 02150, USA

Photography by Lena Mirisola