The Chelsea Latino Immigrant Committee encourages newly arriving immigrants and refugees to become engaged in the political and governmental systems locally and nationally, to access educational opportunities, and to eliminate exploitation in the workplace.

Chelsea Latino Immigrant Committee (CLIC) was organized in 1998 to respond to needs expressed by Latino immigrant community. The major focus of CLIC's efforts is workers' rights specifically the elimination of hazardous working conditions, discrimination and unfair wages. CLIC also assists in navigating confusing immigrant processes and advocating for immigrant rights and leadership opportunities.

CLIC has accomplished the following:

  • Developed and implemented a successful curriculum model to build skills and increase civic engagement through our Leadership Institute.

  • Established a three city effort between Chelsea, Everett and East Boston to celebrate International Workers Day with a march and rally that draws thousands of people annually.

  • Joined the Attorney General's Fair Wage Campaign to raise concerns of workplace violations affecting immigrant workers.

  • Formed a trusting partnership with Greater Boston Legal Services that provides pro bono legal representation to immigrant workers fighting for fair wages and equality in the workplace.

  • Won thousands of dollars in back wages for workplace violations and victims of fraudulent crimes who were targeted simply because they are immigrants.

  • Achieved passage of the Reform Employment Agency Law (REAL) Act that provides protection for temporary and day laborers.

  • Organized regular trainings including weekly "Know Your Rights" workshops that have attracted hundreds of community members.


Wage theft has become business-as-usual. In our modern economy, where employers increasingly subcontract or outsource core parts of their business to other companies, the epidemic of wage theft has overwhelmed the capacity of our existing labor laws and enforcement mechanisms.