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318 Broadway, Chelsea, MA 02150, USA

Photography by Lena Mirisola


The mission of the Chelsea Collaborative is to empower Chelsea residents to enhance the social and economic health of the community and its people; and to hold institutional decision makers accountable to the community.


Immigrant families are in crisis and they are being left behind by ongoing COVID-19 emergency response efforts. We need your help to protect these vulnerable families, ensure their basic needs are met, and slow the spread of the virus in our community. 


A group of jornaleros (day laborers) who lost their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and statewide shutdown, have come together to support first responders and help undocumented families in Chelsea weather the financial crisis. The jornaleros are sewing masks to protect Chelsea's first responders from the spread of the virus. 


Chelsea Collaborative staff, volunteers, and community members are coordinating a regional emergency response network to protect the health and well being of immigrant families. We are proud to lead this work – but it is taxing our organizational capacity and available resources as we try to respond quickly and effectively to the many, many needs in our community. Please help us sustain this work and protect our community!


The Chelsea Collaborative is the only Latino-led organization in Chelsea. We implement a collection of community initiatives – developed and led by residents – to address persistent issues of inequity, which negatively impact the well-being of Chelsea residents, particularly those most vulnerable among us such as children, immigrants, and refugees. Our initiatives meet the basic needs of Chelsea residents, foster leadership and citizenship among newcomers, develop the next generation of leaders, respond effectively to crises, and create systemic change that increases equity and justice for years to come. We work with our community through direct services and case management in the short-term, and through community organizing targeting systems of power that perpetuate inequity in the long-term.