More than 250 community members partake in Welcoming Celebration for Unaccompanied Minors

Dozens of volunteers united at the Collaborative on September 19th to welcome unaccompanied minors and their families to Chelsea. Volunteers helped to distribute truckloads of food, clothing, shoes, school supplies, toys and books. The newest members of our community were so grateful. With tears in their eyes, they offered deep appreciation for the overwhelming support they have received in Chelsea especially through the leadership of the Chelsea Collaborative. These families, particularly young children, survived harrowing journeys in dangerous environments to make it to the United States where they simply hope for their safety. The families have left their home countries because of uncontrollable violence that has left thousands dead. Escaping to the United States was their only option for survival. Chelsea has warmly welcomed these families. If you are interested in joining the cause, donating non-perishable food, clothing, boys and toys or to assist with interpretation, legal assistance and other ways, please contact the Collaborative at (617)889-6080.

Gladys Vega Challenges Gubernatorial Candidate Charlie Baker for Stance on Immigration Policy

Gladys Vega challenged gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker for his position to dedicate public housing for US citizens only. Vega decries Baker for coming to Chelsea, recently named an "All America City" by the National Civic League for its inclusiveness, to unveil his policy position. Vega further asserts that Baker's policy is exclusive and not welcome in Chelsea, A Sanctuary City. To see the video, click here To read an article by State House News, click here

Hundreds Turn Out for Rally and March to Support Unaccompanied Minors

Dozens and dozens for people from across the state and representing numerous organizations, joined the Chelsea Collaborative, Inc. and The MIRA Coalition in support of the hundreds of unaccompanied minors crossing the US Border in search of a life free from violence, corruption and crime. Here, a 6 year old named Kimberly, leads the chants en route to the State House For information on how to help the unaccompanied minors and to get involved, call the Collaborative at (617)889-6080.

Summer Youth Employment Teens Register New Voters

Brinelgy and Jasminka, two teens employed through the Summer Youth Employment Initiative, are hard at work registering new voters and informing them about the importance of voting. For more information on upcoming elections, where to vote and how to register to vote, please call the Collaborative (617)889-6080.

Dozens Gather for Eid Celebration Marking End of Ramadan

The Shanbaro Community Association celebrated the end of Ramadan with a huge Eid celebration. More than 125 community members packed the Polish Political Club for great food, dancing and fun. City Manager Jay Ash and community members Catherine Maas, Marianne Winship and Lisa Santagate were just a few of many who joined the celebration in support of Shanbaro's community and their efforts in Chelsea.

Chelsea Collaborative Accepts Donations for Unaccompanied Minors

The Chelsea Collaborative will gladly accept non-perishable food, clothing, gift cards and other donations to support unaccompanied minors in Chelsea. For more information, to donate or to help please call the Collaborative at (617)889-6080. To fill out a form for donated goods and to see what is needed, please click to read full announcement.

Chelsea Green Space Celebrates Ethanol Legislation Victory

Photo by David Mussina Chelsea Green Space and its partners in East Boston, via the Chelsea Creek Action Group, together with Alternatives for Community and Environment are celebrating a monumental victory with the passage of statewide legislation calling on a two and a half year moratorium on the transportation of ethanol by train to petroleum facilities along the Chelsea Creek. The legislation also requires a full safety study to be conducted by the Massachusetts Emergency Management Association. For more information on the legislation, please check out the link:

Boston Bantu Girls and Collaborative Staff Climb Fenway Park

The Boston Bantu Girls and Collaborative staff, led by Cate Maas, climbed Fenway Park, with Brigham and Women's Hospital as part of their "Climb America" campaign to build awareness for cardiovascular disease and heart heath. The girls all raised at least $200 each towards Brigham's campaign and successfully completed the physical challenge.