Here to stay: What we're doing to protect and serve immigrants in Chelsea

We are in the midst of trying times and I know many of you - like all of us at the Collaborative - are afraid for your families, your neighbors, and your own safety. But take comfort knowing you stand with the entire Chelsea Collaborative and City of Chelsea behind you. Immigrants in Chelsea are here to stay. Here's how we will resist:

Our world changed overnight. Now what do we do?

On November 9, we woke up in a new world - one where a man who spent months publicly attacking immigrants was suddenly in the highest position of power. We were afraid, confused, sad. How could this be true? That morning alone there were 40 families with fear in their eyes outside of the Chelsea Collaborative before we even opened.

Know Your Rights! Protect you and your family during immigration raids

It is important for everyone to understand you do have rights when confronted or questioned by police or other officials. You have the right to remain silent, to request to speak to a lawyer, and to make a phone call if arrested. If the police or immigration come to your door, they must have a warrant and you have the right to not open the door until you see the warrant with your name on it.

The Chelsea Collaborative is Hiring a Part-Time Receptionist!

The Receptionist is a part-time key position, working 28 hours per week, responsible for ensuring that the organization is well represented, well organized and efficient with its operations. Must be fully bilingual, written and orally proficient, in Spanish and English with a minimum of 2 years of related experience. The deadline to apply is August 15th, 2016.

Youth Chosen for Interviews for Summer Youth Employment Initiative via Lottery of Names

Members of the Summer Youth Employment Initiative Steering Committee held a lottery to fairly and randomly choose applicants who will be interviewed for jobs for the summer months. Each year there are hundreds more applicants than there are jobs. The lottery is a fair and equitable way to chose youth names for interviews and possible future jobs.

Successful May 1st Rally and March Engaged Hundreds of Activists

This year's Annual May 1st March and Rally brought out hundreds of residents and activists advocating for workers' and immigrants' rights and social justice. The march also featured musical accompaniment by two local bands: The Second Line Marching Band and Banda de la Paz. At the rally at Piers Park in East Boston, the crowd listening to speakers including a striking Verizon worker, the President of the Taxi Drivers Association, a Dunkin Donuts worker engaged in the Fight for $15, an affected restaurant worker and local activists advocating for the full rights of immigrants and workers.

Collaborative Hosts Know Your Rights Training

Chelsea Collaborative hosted a series of “Know your rights” community meetings focusing on immigration due to the nationwide fear of ICE (Immigration) raids. Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes has clarified that in the City of Chelsea there have been no such raids to date. The rumors have created a devastating fear in our community to the point of families are not going into work, not keeping their appointments and instilled fear towards local authorities. It is for this reason, that the Chelsea Collaborative assisted our immigrant community and public officials on how to best respond to these kind of rumors of “Raids.” The purpose is to educate all on an individual's rights as an immigrant and as a human being.

Chelsea Collaborative Launches Citizenship Classes

The Chelsea Collaborative has launched Citizenship Classes for Chelsea residents. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Citizen and needs help with the application or preparing for the test, please contact Daisy Gonzalez at (617)889-6080x130 or

Apply TODAY for the Chelsea Summer Youth Employment Initiative

The Chelsea Summer Youth Employment Initiative is accepting applications for the 2016 summer youth employment program. Deadline to apply is March 24th. Click /sites/default/files/youth_application_2016.pdf for an application. All youth positions pay $10 per hour for 20 hours per week and will last between 6 to 7 weeks. For more information, please call or visit the Chelsea Collaborative offices at 318 Broadway.