Uniting for Restaurant Workers in Chelsea

The Chelsea Collaborative's Worker Center has worked for years to stop employer abuses at Bachata Rosa Restaurant in Chelsea, which has a history of wage theft against immigrant workers. A restaurant employee came to us in 2016 after being paid only $5.60 per hour for her work and receiving zero overtime, despite working 53 hours per week. We helped her to file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office and connected her to free legal aid through our partners at Greater Boston Legal Services. This worker is owed at least $13,100 for a combination of regular hours and overtime hours worked in 2015 and 2016. The company has not responded to the Collaborative's demand letter so the Chelsea Collaborative is mobilizing to attend Bachata Rosa's licensing board meetings to demand they pay what's due to their workers. We will do whatever it takes to hold the restaurant accountable and achieve justice for our members! 

In 2017 alone, the Chelsea Collaborative's Worker Center has recuperated more than $122,000 in stolen wages and discrimination settlements. We have at least 75 additional cases still pending. The fight against injustice and exploitation is still an uphill battle - but the Collaborative and our legal partners commit to follow cases over the long-term and do whatever it takes to achieve justice for immigrant workers. In 2016, we passed a new city ordinance to penalize businesses within the City of Chelsea who are guilty of wage theft. 

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