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Staff Directory

Gladys Vega

Executive Director

Chelsea Collaborative

617.889.6080 ext.101

Gladys Vega has dedicated 30 years of service to the City of Chelsea and the Chelsea Collaborative, which she joined in 1990 - just two years after its founding. She took on increasing responsibility with each passing year moving from receptionist to community organizer to Assistant Executive Director and ultimately becoming the Executive Director in 2006. Read More 

Dinanyili Paulino

Chief Operating Officer

Chelsea Collaborative

617.889.6080 ext.111

Dinanyili joined the Chelsea Collaborative in 2016 as the Chief Operating Officer, providing leadership to program, development, and finance departments. She has more than 20 years of experience working in partnership with the Latino community in Greater Boston. Read More 

Yessenia Alfaro

Deputy Director

Chelsea Collaborative

617.889.6080 ext.108

Yessenia Alfaro oversees the Social and Economic Justice Department of the Chelsea Collaborative. Since joining the Collaborative in 2007, Yessenia has served in a variety of community organizer and director roles, always fighting for the rights of workers, tenants, and immigrants in Chelsea. Yessenia also serves as an elected member to the Chelsea School Committee. As a Chelsea resident, Yessenia loves Chelsea's sense of community. 

Sylvia Ramírez

Special Projects Manager

Chelsea Collaborative

617.889.6080 ext.106

Abdirahman Abdi

Shanbaro Community Organizer

Chelsea Collaborative

617.889.6080 ext.114

Abdirahman Abdi leads the Shanbaro Community Association at the Chelsea Collaborative. In this role, he works with members of Chelsea's Somali Bantu community to resolve issues related to employment, housing, immigration, language, and education. Abdirahman holds a degree in computer science and is a Chelsea resident.

Erick DeBlas Gonzalez

Community Organizer

Chelsea Collaborative

Elizabeth DeJesus

Office Manager

Chelsea Collaborative

Norieliz DeJesus

Youth Development Program Manager

Chelsea Collaborative

617.889.6080 ext.117

Johanna Deras

Community Organizer

Chelsea Collaborative

Caroline Ellenbird

Citizenship Instructor

Chelsea Collaborative

Daisy Gonzalez

Immigration and Citizenship Service Coordinator

Chelsea Collaborative

617.889.6080 ext.112

Maryan Hassan

Shanbaro Community Research Assistant

Chelsea Collaborative

Heidi Lopez-Romero

Youth Service Specialist

Chelsea Collaborative

Heidi Lopez-Romero joined the Chelsea Collaborative in 2018. As the Youth Service Specialist, she builds relationships with middle school youth in Chelsea and connects them to community resources. She also supports with the Chelsea Desea Sonar program. Before joining the Chelsea Collaborative, Heidi has worked in diverse settings, including as a social worker for a charter high school, as a mentor for youth in a job training program in New Orleans, and most recently as a case manager for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Heidi holds a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Wheelock College. She was born and raised in Chelsea and is of Guatemalan and Salvadoran descent. Heidi loves the diverse people and cultures of Chelsea.

Katherine McInerney

Development Director

Chelsea Collaborative

Flor Palacios

Office Caretaker

Chelsea Collaborative

Nicole Palladino

Operations Manager

Chelsea Collaborative

617.889.6080 ext.105

Sasha Parodi

Employment and Training Specialist

Chelsea Collaborative

Anais Velez

Youth Program Coordinator

Chelsea Collaborative